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Electric Scooters Kolkata

Electric Scooters / Scooty in Kolkata

Embrace the evolution and step into the future of city mobility. Among the chaos of traffic jams and beeping horns, springs a sleek subtle revolution – the rise of electric scooters which emerged as a solution for city transportation. The e-scooters are small and compact size, have no emissions, and are effortless to use. With the rapid increase in urbanization and consciousness about environmental issues, electric scooter have gained massive popularity across the globe due to their accessibility and sustainability in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Not only that, electric scooters provide you final leg solution that helps to complete short destinations that are too far to walk and too short to drive in the busiest streets of the cities.
Similarly, the introduction of electric scooters in Kolkata has marked a substantial change towards the eco-friendly approach and a step towards cleaner air. With their user-friendly features, the electric scooters in Kolkata such as MAKI, MARIUM, SSUP, RABBITOR, and JV offer a seamless experience for all age groups to explore the city of Kolkata and are an affordable mode of transit for steering through the pathways and the crowded roads. The e-scooters in Kolkata are not just merely about sustainability and ease but are about innovative change bringing transformative shifts in the travel sector and setting an example around the world.

Overview and Insights of Kolkata’s Changing Transit Landscape

Kolkata stands as India’s one of the oldest and most lively cities, bears footprints of the colonial and post-independence eras, and has an enduring impression on its transportation landscape intertwined with obstacles and culture. However, after years of transformation in advanced mobility, the city still faces major transit setbacks due to pollution, and overcrowding. The backdrop of transportation is shaped by the following issues below.
● Historical Context: Kolkata has a rich tradition, historical roots, and transportation ancestry that have progressed over time. The classic iconic hand-pull rickshaws and the historic trams reflect the city’s evolutionary path.
● Public transportation: The city depends heavily on mass transit such as buses, trams, local trains, and metro railways. Moreover, overcrowding and incompetency in these systems frequently result in delays of passengers and discomfort.
● Recent challenges: Logjam and pollution are the immediate obstacles. Kolkata’s streets are often crowded, creating traffic deadlock and delays. The narrow road and high volume of vehicles are the major reasons for the blockage in the city. The city is also enveloped with high pollutants due to the high density of vehicles with outmoded technology, emitting smoke and worsening the air quality that poses health risks. The electric scooters in Kolkata serve as a solution to this problem that can be easily accessible on packed roads without any emissions.
● Significance of traditional transit: The traditional modes of transport not only shape the city transport but also serve as the backbone of the travelers providing affordable and convenient transportation solutions in between the chaos.
● Government measures: Regardless of these challenges, the government has taken multiple actions to improve the transit system of Kolkata. From the commencement of electric buses to expanding the metro network and also shifting to introducing best e-scooters in Kolkata that are eco-friendly as well.

The Debut of Electric scooters-Scooty in Kolkata

The initiation of electric scooters / scooty in Kolkata began increasing in popularity around a few years back with several experiments and trials. Many companies started stepping into the market arena to provide scooter rental services. In the beginning, there was testing and regulatory modification to cater to this new mode of transportation. Step by step with effective trials, testing the electric scooters in Kolkata became prevalent in the streets of Kolkata, providing an alternative for petrol-driven cars.
Some of the parameters contributing to the adoption of e-scooty in Kolkata are:
● Sustainability concerns: Today there is increased awareness of air pollution and the need for eco-friendly transport resolution for a sustainable approach by using alternatives such as e-scooters, electric bicycles, and CNG vehicles emit no smoke, as run on electric power, assisting cleaner air and decreasing harmful pollutants.
● Traffic easing: Kolkata’s traffic is a matter of primary concern due to the high density of vehicles and electric scooters in Kolkata cater to an effortless mode of travel for piloting through the small narrow pathways and busy highways.
● Budget-friendly: Money also plays an important role while purchasing the vehicle. With low running costs and low upkeep, it is a cost-effective transportation option one can opt for. The electric scooters  save your money on fuel costs and reduce overall travel expenses. In addition, the electric scooters in Kolkata also offer e-scooter services to improve their cost- effectiveness, letting users pay for rides on a per-user basis, eliminating the need for the initial cost of buying any vehicle.
● Infrastructure: The Framework of infrastructure development for electric scooters in Kolkata has enabled their utilization and adoption easily as it is simpler to access charging stations, and assigned parking zones and has incorporated safety measures like reserved lanes and traffic guidelines to ensure convenience and ease of travel. This improvement has given riders greater experience and enhanced acceptance to use electric scooters.
● Accessibility: The electric scooters in Kolkata have become increasingly convenient among travelers due to their eco-friendly nature and ability to cover short distances easily despite traffic jams due to their compact size. Furthermore, its innovations of mobile rental platforms have streamlined the process of renting and riding making them available to a wide range of customers including tourists and other individuals in pocket pocket-friendly manner.

Advantages of E-Scooters

The benefits of e-scooters are based on the following aspects:
1. Environmental perks: The electric scooters produce no gas emissions that help to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases and enhancing ways to cleaner air, as compared to the traditional petrol-fueled vehicles which discharge harmful toxins that causes air pollution harmful to our health. Moreover, encouraging the use of sustainable resources for charging e-scooters can reduce carbon emissions and be a step towards sustainability. Other than that, the e-scooty require fewer materials for manufacturing which leads to less utilization of the resources and has less effect on the environment cycles.
2. Value for money: The e-scooty have lower operating costs and also, consume less energy, and have low maintenance as compared to cars and other large vehicles. The electric scooters in Kolkata are affordable transit choices as they can be used for rent with a minimal charge and have fewer expenses related to insurance and parking compared to cars. It requires less infrastructure cost making it a favorable option for metropolitan mobility.
3. Flexibility: The electric scooters are convenient and support end-mileage transit way out, bridging the gap between transportation hub and final destinations. The e-scooters in Kolkata can be accessed on demand through the smartphone to rent from anywhere needed ensuring flexibility and convenience for short trips. The e-scooters are also designed in such a manner that they can go through any type of surface including city streets, narrow lanes, and footpaths as well as providing adaptability in any environment.

Challenges and Concerns 

● Governance framework: Rules related to speed limits, helmet necessities, and parking regulations have often been ignored and overlooked and government policies failed to provide clarity and uniformity for both the users and the e-scooter accessibility. It is high time that these areas need to be addressed and legal obligation needs to be established.
● Safety risks: The Inadequacy of proper lanes and network facilities for electric scooters in Kolkata can lead to safety risks including accidents and collisions, particularly in congested urban areas. Moreover, inexperienced and irresponsible drivers may create dangers and harm to themselves and other riders as well.
● Competition with other modes: The e-scooters may compete with other modes of transportation such as cycling, other public transit, walking, and petrol car sharing services. This can in return lead to competition such as reduced travelers in public transport cause chaos in particular areas and create conflicts with established transportation givers.
● Data privacy: The mobile-based rental app system collects some amount of substantial information from the users related to private data lifting concern for privacy issues. There should be strong security measures to protect important information and prevent unapproved access and misuse of private information.
● Eco-friendly and environmental impact: Although the electric scooters are sustainable and environmentally friendly causing no harm to individuals, compared to the fueled vehicles. The major concern lies in the overall sustainability that takes place. The problems such as battery disposal, overall emissions, and the carbon footprints of producing and working e-scooters need to be resolved to ensure that they contribute favorably to eco-friendliness goals.
Most importantly, all these challenges and concerns need a lot to be seen and heard. The government should put effort and addressing it with necessity by collaborating with government policies and agencies to make changes for overall effectiveness. The e-scooters in Kolkata have now become an important source of transit and need attention to execute properly for improvements further.

Impacts of E-Scooters on Urban Mobility

The electric scooters in Kolkata have brought a transformative shift in the transit sector accommodating to seamless and affordable travel choice in the busiest street of the city. The use of electric scooters in Kolkata has increased rapidly due to the flexibility they offer and can be rented as well making effortless accessibility anywhere anytime. It has also reduced the congestion on other public transportation avoiding delays and smooth flow of vehicles without overcrowding. Using e-scooters does not have any side effects such that it does not release any pollutants and is eco-friendly making them the best alternative option as compared to gas-powered vehicles. However, e-scooters offer the potential to enhance urban transit, and extensive use of e-scooters needs a lot of mindful planning, and investment in foundation to ensure that they contribute effectively to the city’s longevity.

Let Us Explore E-Scooters in Kolkata and Their Features




E-Went Maki e-scooters are electric scooters that are powered by a 250-watt BLDC motor and a remote start button. The E-Went Maki scooters usually take 7-8 hours to fully charge its battery. It is available in three variations, Lead Acid – 48V, Lead Acid – 60V, and lithium Ion – 48V.
● Performance: The Maki e-scooters have a USB charging port, reverse mode, and also a side stand sensor to detect its presence or absence and send signals to the onboard computer to indicate whether the stand is up or down and ensure safety before allowing it to move and good mileage.
● Other features:  The E-Went Maki electric scooters also has an inbuilt Anti-Theft Alarm and anti-motor locking system. The anti-theft alarm serves as security and privacy of your vehicle and detects unauthorized access undertakings as in someone trying to move and steal your scooter.
● Accessories: The electric scooters in Kolkata are electrifying and advanced for a sustainable world. These e-scooters have sharp dual headlamps and brake lights to make them easily accessible during low lights and nighttime. It also has alloy wheels and remote lock/unlock for effortless use.


The E-Went Marium is also a good option to buy if you are looking for electric scooters. The battery capacity of Marium Lithium Ion – 60V is 1.8 kWh. The E–Went Marium takes 4-5 hours to charge its battery. It comes with a front disc brake and a drum brake on the back. You can buy Marium e-scooters in Kolkata in 4 colors- black, red, blue, and white.
● Performance: The E-Went Marium scooters have built-in BLDC motor types that are far better than brushed motors with fewer parts and no brushes to deteriorate and have longer durability. The electric scooters have a higher power-to-weight ratio as compared to carbon-brushed motors, which means that they can provide more power while being lightweight and help overall performance.
● Other specifications: These e-scooters can travel about 47-52 Kmph. The E-Went Marium scooters have sharp dual LED projector headlights and back lights as well. It also has a low battery alert indication system that ensures you charge it beforehand.
● Variations and Design: The Marium e-scooters generally come in 3 variants such that E- Went Marium Lead Acid – 60V, E- Went Marium Lead Acid – 72V, and E- Went Marium Lithium Ion – 60V. The E-Went Marium scooters have a personalized touch and classy appearance to stand out for all age groups.


The E-Went SSUP is also fueled by 250-watt BLDC motors. The SSUP top speed ranges from 25-28 Kmph. These electric scooters get charged up by 4-5 hours and have extra-large storage space to carry stuff. These E-Went SSUP are available in 4 different colors- Black, red, and white, blue, blue and white.
● Performance: The E-Went SSUP has dual disk brakes for better functionality. It also has an advanced sensor for effortless access. The inbuilt LED headlights and tail lights help to make your ride easier giving clarity back and forth while driving.
● Other features: The SSUP e-scooters have almost all digital features making them user-friendly. The anti-theft alarm is an important function built for security purposes. The battery type is Lead Acid and can be charged in the home itself.
● Variants: The SSUP e-scooters in Kolkata are available in 3 models- Lead Acid – 60V, Lead Acid – 72V, and Lithium Ion – 60V.


The RABBITOR e-scooters are another option that can be purchased. The battery capacity of E-Went Rabbitor Lithium Ion – 60V is 1.8 kWh. It has a disc brake in the front and a drum back at the back. The E-Went Rabbitor comes in 3 colors- red, blue, and grey.
● Performance: This E-Went Rabbitor also has a USB charging port and digital speedometer, and the speed spans up to 28km/hr. It also has reverse assistance that activates the switch or button located in the handlebars or the dashboards of the e-scooters and automatically speeds or lowers the speeds when required.
● Other features: The Rabbitor e-scooters have a very stylish front lamp which is very illuminating and gives a chic look. It has 35 35-liter storage capacity, not only that it also has LED tall lights for advanced safety purposes.
● Variants: The E- Went Rabbitor has namely 3 types- E- Went Rabbitor Lead Acid – 60V, E- Went Rabbitor Lead Acid – 72V, E- Went Rabbitor Lithium Ion – 60V. The cheapest variant is E- Went Rabbitor Lead Acid – 60V and the expensive one is the E- Went Rabbitor Lithium Ion – 60V.


The launch of electric scooters in Kolkata has been a revolutionary transformation in the transit industry. The electric scooters in Kolkata have been a significant output keeping in mind the sustainable approach. The e-scooters are the results of both positive and contrary impacts. If we look at the positive approach, the e-scooters in Kolkata offer mobility for short errands, around the city. The e-scooty in Kolkata also cater to the needs of people who cannot afford to buy the e-scooters with the initial investment and provide rental facilities at an affordable price to meet your transportation cost and distance. The electric scooters in Kolkata have reduced the congestion being an alternative mode of eco-friendly transit. Additionally, e-scooters have major drawbacks related to safety issues that are causing mishaps due to rash driving and poor infrastructure, regulatory obstacles, and other economic consequences in replacing the present traditional vehicles creating economic effects. Nonetheless, all these challenges can be overcome by proper planning and implementation through legal policies. Hence, to make your city life more exciting, go and get your favorite e-scooters ASAP.

All our vehicles are 100% compliant with government regulations as per CMVR Act 1989. Our vehicles are intensively tested across all parameters and conditions by various government agencies by either ICAT/ARAI/CIRT and duly certified by them. All our vehicles are state-approved as per local regulations.


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