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e-went electric SSUP

unlocking infinite possibilities!

Electrifying innovation for a sustainable world

Key Specs & Features of SSUP


80 KM/Charge

Top Speed


Charging Time

04-05 hrs.

About E-Went Electric SSUP

Reimagine your city commute with the E-Went Electric SSUP, a stylish and practical electric scooter that’s perfect for zipping through traffic and conquering errands. 

Not a bike, not a scooter – it’s the best of both! The SSUP boasts a unique three-wheeled design with a spacious platform for your feet, offering comfortable stability and ease of use. Ditch the parking struggle and embrace the freedom of the open road on two wheels (well, three technically!).

Choose your ride, choose your range:

  • Lead Acid – 60V: This budget-friendly option packs a 60V, 20Ah lead-acid battery, cruising for up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. Ideal for shorter commutes and errands.
  • Lead Acid – 72V: Step up your range with the 72V, 20Ah lead-acid battery, conquering distances of around 70 kilometers. Perfect for exploring further corners of your city.
  • Lithium Ion – 60V: Experience the top-tier SSUP with a 60V, 30Ah lithium-ion battery, boasting an impressive 80-kilometer range. Charge faster (4-5 hours) and go further for that ultimate electric scooter freedom.

Packed with features to make your ride a breeze:

  • Effortless cruising: Glide at speeds of 25-28 km/hr, navigating city streets with ease.
  • Stay informed: Keep an eye on your speed, battery level, and other essentials with the handy digital instrument cluster.
  • Convenient access: Start your ride with a simple keyless system, no fumbling required.
  • Park with peace of mind: An anti-theft alarm and sensor side stand keep your SSUP safe and secure.
  • Effortless maneuvering: Reverse parking becomes a breeze with the dedicated feature, ideal for tight spaces.

The E-Went Electric SSUP is more than just an electric scooter, it’s a statement:

  • Eco-friendly transportation: Reduce your carbon footprint and embrace sustainable commuting.
  • Cost-effective travel: Ditch the gas station and enjoy the savings of electric power.
  • Effortless convenience: Skip the traffic jams and parking hassles, arriving at your destination refreshed and ready.

Join the electric revolution and experience the freedom of the E-Went Electric SSUP. Visit our website to learn more and find your perfect SSUP match!  

Remember, the SSUP’s unique three-wheeled design offers added stability and ease of use compared to traditional two-wheeled scooters. This makes it a great choice for riders of all experience levels, especially those who may be apprehensive about balancing on two wheels.

SSUP Specifications

Reverse Mode

LED Light

USB Port

Anti-Theft System

Advance Sensor

Remote Lock / Unlock

Available colors of SSUP

SSUP Reviews

"The Maruim scooter is a joy to ride! Its smooth handling makes my commute the best part of my day."

Aarav Sen

"I love the sleek design of E-Went's Maruim. It's not just a scooter, it's a style statement!"

Priya Sharma

"E-Went's Maruim is the perfect blend of speed and safety. I feel completely in control."

Anjali Das

"The battery life on the Maruim is incredible. I can go days without charging."

Rajesh Sharma

"Riding the Maruim has made me more eco-conscious. It's great to be part of the green revolution."

Sunita Nath

"I was amazed at how quickly I could fold the Maruim and carry it. Super convenient for apartment living."

Vivek Ghosh

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